Real of Satan

Realm of Satan is an experimental non-fiction portrait of the Church of Satan, a world-wide, half-century old religion dedicated to the celebration of carnality and individualism that takes Satan as its central figure. The film explores Satanists as they exist today, portraying key members of the Church of Satan, their environments, their everyday lives and the magical rituals they engage in. The film seeks to illuminate this underground, outsider organization, but freely incorporates fictional and supernatural elements to create a more complicated and mysterious picture of the Church, centering on their embrace of Black Magic. Existing in a space between fiction, experimental film and documentary, Realm of Satan will playfully explore popular, personal, objective and subjective ideas about the Church of Satan.

Produktion: Caitlin Mae Burke & Pacho Velez

Regie: Scott Cummings

Geräusche: Manuel Meichsner

Sounddesign: Manuel Grandpierre, Manuel Meichsner

Mischung: Manuel Grandpierre